Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where will your Real Estate career be in 2011

You're on the net, researching what to do and looking for ideas to help you succeed in real estate. You're serious about your career. And there's probably hundreds of reasons why you do what you do, or want what you want. But, depending on where your sights are set, you have to like what you do.

Not just a little. To succeed, has to be something that makes you do those things you may not want to do, in order to succeed. You hear some say, "I've always loved houses". Okay, thats great, but is that enough to make you do those things like calling fsbo's, farming, showing endless homes to endless people? Train, apply, read, do?giving up pieces of your life with no guarantee of renumeration?

Its like children playing sports. At age 5, everyones coming out to play pop warner football, there's 60 kids spread out over 3 squads, and every week they have 2 or 3 practices and a game every week. But, 6 years later, you have almost 20 kids still going. Its not that the ones who quit didn't have talent, it's not that they weren't strong. What they lacked was the passion for the game that makes you be willing to work out 5 days a week, play hard on day 6, and get yelled at by your coaches while doing laps or feeling pain. Is it the coach, or the manager, or the market?

Maybe, and maybe not. You'll find out when you think make those choices. But I submit to anyone who "isn't sure when things will get better, or will things flatten, or why won't things come together, or my deal fell apart,or why isn't my listing selling, or should I tell the seller the house is overpriced," etc etc etc that you look deep into the passion of what you do. If you are passionate, nothing will get in the way, you'll figure out the right way around it. You know the answer, its that you have to work. Now, the question is, will you do those things that need be done, over and over, and service a multitude of potential clients and opportunities while looking for more, or will you work the one overpriced listing and one or two buyers you met along the way.

Our futures, our destinies, are guided by our decisions and activities, and activities breed success. You'll decide.

Good luck!!!

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