Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are You A Farmer or A Hunter

There's all types in the Real Estate business, and many of us have grown up in the business with each other as the years go by, and while we compete, we are no longer competition in the trenches. There's all kinds of people we see come and go and stay. I was thinking that over the years, i've seen many styles, many hunters, who hunt for todays food, many farmers, who farm for the harvest season, maintaining their farming areas, staying in touch with their leads, and cultivating their business so they have something to show when its time to harvest. I've seen other types too, blind squirrels and the like not worth posting here, who are bound to trip over an acorn every so often. I suppose for many of us who have survived the ups and downs in our industry, we can be one, or the other or both. Hunters do well when there is abundance to be hunted, and farmers do well always, as long as there dirt and water, and somehow almost always find dirt and water.

In todays market even farmers may have to hunt, looking for unfound opportunities while cultivating their farms that they have maintained for months and years. They will survive, becasue they are poised to survive through good and bad.

What are you, a farmer or a hunter?

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