Monday, January 10, 2011

When there's no wind, row!

I remember figuring out in 1980 that there is no such thing as 'nobody is buying houses'. Interest rates were way high (now they're way low), demand was seemingly low, the then-old timers in the business were telling me they never saw it this bad, yet everyday, when I checked the MLS, there were new listings, new sales, new pendings and people calling to see properties. What I also figured out was if I wanted to be busy, I had to have a consistent plan that I engaged, and work it. My plan was based on how many contacts I made a day to sellers, irregardless of if they were my farm calls, past lead calls, expireds, fsbo's, etc. When I had nothing going on, I stayed on the phone or in front of people. Of course, technology was different, so there was no time spent online, and only a little on getting new catbon paper to work. The only mail I used were handwritten thank you notes to the people who became listing leads in my farm and the like. And you know what happened? There was a lot of business for me as an agent! lo and behold, I was, with the exception of one other agent who used to go canvassing with me and who concentrated on fsbo's when he wasn't farming, outproducing the other 6 or 8 agents in my offices at the time PUT TOGETHER! It wasn't because I was a rocket scientist, and it wasn't because I was selling to family. It was about good, old fashioned, reasonably targeted, consistent work.

I submit to you that concept still works. I am reading many entries on AR from agents who may not have never seen markets temper. Almost any agent who started before 2007 had to learn to deal more with how do you get your contract accepted when there are 6 others on the same property. Now that they know how, they won't have to use that for a bunch of years, till the market gets back to that place.

In the meantime, if they want to have the good fortune of being here to use what was learned pre 2007 post 2015, they'd better get to work making calls, learning their business, honing their skills, going on appointments, being consistent, and doing those things that successful Realtors do when there is no wind. Make sure you know how to use those oars, roll up your sleeves, and get to rowing!

Remember your drivers - appointments, inquiries, contacts, and at the end of the say, conversions. Good luck!

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