Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Real Estate Isn't Just a Run Down The Field

Real Estate is a wonderful business, but it isn't necessarily an easy business, especially nowsadays. Then again, being a success at anything isn't necessarily easy. Pro's go through a lot of work to be pros, Remember what Edison said, "success is 2% inspiration, and 98% perspiration.". It's like Brett Favre says about football. He would play Sunday for free, because he loves what he does so. It's the practises in between, the staying in physical shape in the off season, the hard work leading up to game day that they paid him for. Likewise, Realtorswe are paid for all they do, the training, the networking, the prospecting, the following up, and all that which leads up to the final moment. The great feeling in helping someone achieve their dream, or the personal satisfaction of knowing we have done a good and professional job to the benefit of all involved, that is what most Realtors enjoy the most. All the work that leads up to that day, whether directly or not, thats what one gets paid for.

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