Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've been doing it, living it and being it since 1977

I figure maybe I learned something. I remember some 20+ years ago at a party, I met an old time real estate broker. When we were introduced, my friend, who had been partners with him on some ventures, told him I was a Real Estate broker. He immediately said, So, you're a real estate broker?" I replied yes, and he said , "do you know anything?" I responded, and as the words left my mouth I remember thinking what a real answer it was, I said "some days I think I do, and other days I'm not too sure. We both laughed, and the marriage began.

I remember the conversation from time to time and chuckle. I have been around about 20 some-odd years since, and I still love what we do, and I think I may have learned a bit since.

I',m not a broker anymore, I sold my brokerage business to a national entity, and now manage my own projects, work with equity funds and am having a bast. But, I do remember some things, and it would be a shame not to share them with people interested in real estate. So, I will do that, adding from time to time blogs I may have written in the past that still apply, things that may come up that I have interests in or opinions on.

I hope you find my knowledge and experiences fun and interesting, and I look forward to hearing back from some of you.

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